Warning Signs Your Volkswagen Jetta Has Engine Trouble

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It’s not often that you’ll experience engine trouble in an almost new car, like the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta, but part of owning a vehicle is being prepared for anything that may occur – from the most likely to the least. In case your car ever suffers from engine trouble, here are the top warning signs to know.

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Warning Lights. As you know, your car comes with warning lights. No, these lights aren’t just there to decorate your dashboard. Warning lights are actually there to make you aware of potential problems your car is experiencing. When you first turn your car on, all of your warning lights will flash to life as your car performs all of its inspections to ensure everything is working correctly. If everything is good, they will turn off as they are supposed to. If any of your warning lights turn on and stay on, though, this is a clear sign that something may not be working as it should be. Say your check engine light comes on. This is definitely one of the scariest warning lights because it could mean a number of things, from not-so-serious reasons like your gas cap not being screwed on well enough to a serious problem like an overheating engine. To accurately diagnose the cause of your engine warning light, you should take your car to a professional technician.

VW JettaJerking Motions. When you drive your car, it should provide an easy and smooth performance. But if your car starts doing jerking motions like a break dancer pop-and-locking, this could be a sign of engine trouble. The cause? Fouled spark plugs, a clogged fuel filter, your car’s main computer incorrectly reading the driving situation, or a number of other reasons.

Bad Noises. Tapping. Popping. Grinding. If your car makes any of these noises, it is definitely not normal, and could be a sign of trouble lurking ahead. A tapping or popping sound, for example, could mean detonation is taking place within your engine’s cylinders. This situation occurs when gasoline ignites prematurely in the combustion chamber of the engine cylinders. If this occurs, piston damage can result – a very costly repair.

If your car makes grinding noises, there are two main causes:

  • If you hear a grinding noise when you start your car, your starter motor may need to be adjusted or replaced.
  • If you hear a grinding noise when shifting gears, you may need a transmission replacement.

Foul Odors. Sure, cars don’t typically smell that wonderful – they are burning gasoline or diesel fuel after all. But these smells are typical and aren’t usually too bad. But if your car is emitting foul odors, it could be a sign of trouble – especially if these smells are inside your car’s cabin. Some reasons for a smelly car include an oil or coolant leak, or a toxic gas leak, like carbon monoxide. The last is very dangerous, even fatal! If the interior of your car smells like you are standing outside behind it, get out of your car immediately and get it fixed.

Another smell you may experience inside your car’s cabin is that of burning rubber. Unless you’ve just “burnt rubber” from doing donuts in a parking lot, then the cause of this burning rubber smell could be due to either driver belts or accessory belts being damaged, loose or worn out. It could also be due to a rubber hose full of important fluids touching something it shouldn’t be.

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