Volkswagen Atlas vs Acura MDX


If you’re searching for a mid-size sport utility vehicle to take on the Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, area roadways, two popular models you’ve probably come across are the Volkswagen Atlas and the Acura MDX. While both these vehicles are great companions for you during your time out on the road, it’s important to look closer at the features offered by each one to decide which one will be the right choice for you.

Here at Faulkner Volkswagen, we’re dedicated to helping drivers as they start on their car-buying journey. It’s for this reason we’ve created the following Volkswagen Atlas vs. Acura MDX comparison review. Our intention is to make the process just a little bit easier. Dive in to find out how these two stack up to one another! Then, check out our Volkswagen Atlas inventory easily online!

Volkswagen Atlas Interior Cabin


VW Atlas Convience Features

Volkswagen Atlas vs Acura MDX: Interior

When searching for an SUV, one of the most important features to look for is having enough interior cabin space for all your passengers and cargo.

While both SUVs can comfortably fit seven passengers, the VW Atlas provides 154 cubic feet of standard passenger volume, while the Acura MDX comes in at just 132.7 cubic feet of room for your passengers. This means that, when you and your passengers are in the Volkswagen Atlas, you’ll get more than 20 more cubic feet of room than you would in the MDX.

When it comes to cargo space, the VW Atlas provides plenty of that, too. With all the seats upright, you’ll get 20.6 cubic feet of storage room, and with the second- and third-row seats folded down, you’re provided up to 96.8 cubic feet of cargo room. In the MDX, you’ll get just 15 cubic feet of cargo space with all the seats upright, and only 68.4 cubic feet of cargo volume with the seats folded down.

VW Atlas


Acura MDX

41.3 inches

Front Headroom

38.1 inches

41.7 inches

Front Legroom

41.4 inches

40.4 inches

Second-row Headroom

38.3 inches

37.6 inches

Second-row Legroom

36.6 inches

It’s clear that, when it comes to interior cabin space and dimensions, the Acura MDX doesn’t even come close to what the Volkswagen Atlas has to offer. In the VW Atlas, you’ll have much more room to store all your belongings. Plus, your passengers will be more comfortable and will be able to stretch out and relax during the ride.

VW Atlas Design

VW Atlas vs Acura MDX: Exterior Build & Design

One of the first things you’re likely to notice about a vehicle is its exterior build and design. You want it to be sleek and eye-catching while remaining durable and reliable.

In the Volkswagen Atlas, you’ll find an available panoramic sunroof that stretches across all three rows of the SUV. This design element really opens up the entire vehicle, floods the cabin with refreshing sunlight, and lets a taste of the outdoors inside. Ultimately, it practically gives it a similar feel to that of a convertible. The MDX comes with a power moonroof, but it’s just the standard size you can find in any vehicle. It simply lacks the luxury you’ll find in the VW Atlas.

VW Atlas Interior Tech


Atlas Interior Dash

VW Atlas vs Acura MDX: Technology Features

When it comes to the all-important topic of technology, it’s likely that choosing a vehicle that can make your time on the road a lot easier is a high priority.

The VW Atlas certainly strives to accomplish this. The wireless smartphone charger is one notable entry in the technology department. This available feature makes it possible for you and your passengers to have access to a fully charged smartphone throughout your travels. It also allows everyone to enjoy the ride in a clutter-free cabin since all those unruly charger cords will be left at home. This feature is not something you’ll find in the MDX.

The Dynamic Road Sign Display is another technology feature that’s exclusive to the VW Atlas. This available driving aid helps you remain aware of any changes in the roadway ahead by displaying upcoming road signs clearly on the dashboard screen in front of you. Some of the signs you’ll see include traffic signs, speed limits, overtaking restrictions, and warning signs. The Dynamic Road Sign Display also gives you speed warnings and restricted traffic zone warnings.

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The Safety Feature Comparison

Safety is likely to be another high priority during any car search. You’ll find this is another area where the Volkswagen Atlas excels. A prime example is certainly the available Parking Steering Assistant (Park Assist). This feature first comes in handy when attempting to determine whether the parking spot you have your eyes on is the right size for the SUV. Then, it steers you in while you handle the brake pedal, the gas pedal, and the shifting. It doesn’t matter if you’re perpendicular or parallel parking. Park Assist will have you covered whether you’re pulling in or out either type of space.

The Volkswagen Atlas is also available with 4MOTION® with Active Control. It provides you with the ability to confidently navigate your travels as you’re making your way from Point A to Point B. Its four driving modes include:

  • On-Road Mode
  • Snow Mode
  • Off-Road Mode
  • Off-Road Custom Mode

Unfortunately, the Acura MDX is not available with the Parking Steering Assistant or the 4MOTION® with Active Control.

Test Drive a Volkswagen Atlas Today!

As you can see from our Volkswagen Atlas vs. Acura MDX comparison, each of these SUVs is a great choice for your travels around Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Harrisburg, PA. Ultimately, though, the VW Atlas is really the one that delivers the most beneficial attributes.

If you’re interested in scheduling a test drive or just want more information, call or stop by Faulkner Volkswagen today. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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