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There are all types of blogs out there, but It’s Peachy Keen offers a unique take on all aspects of life with posts that vary from travel tips to cooking recipes and everything in between.

As a fun, energetic mother of three, every day of life for Priscilla and her kids is an adventure! When reading her blog, you get to enjoy firsthand accounts of all the different pleasant surprises and challenges life can throw your way. With each post, Priscilla is able to write in an entertaining, informative, and authentic way that will have you eagerly awaiting each new post.

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A Few of Our Favorite Posts

With posts that range across a great mix of topics, here are a few posts that will give you a great idea of what It’s Peachy Keen is all about:

Kid SnacksEasy Snack Ideas: As a parent, Priscilla knows what it’s like to have your children always coming up to you saying they’re hungry. Whether you’re on the go or the kids just got home from school and need something to hold them over until dinner, Priscilla has some easy and great ideas when it’s snack time!

6 Easy Ways to Save Up for Your Next Vacation: We all could use a relaxing getaway once in a while. You probably even have a long list of places you want to visit. Seeing how quickly flights, hotels, and everything else adds up, it can be challenging to budget for your next trip. This post, though, shows you some simple ways (like eating out less) to help you quickly save up enough funds for that vacation you’ve been daydreaming about!

Best Gift Ideas for Moms: As a mom herself, Priscilla knows what all moms like! Whether Mother’s Day is coming up or you just want to do something special to show your love and appreciation for your mom, Priscilla provides a great list of gifts. Some are items that your mom is sure to love while others are fun experiences for her to enjoy!

Who Doesn’t Enjoy Prizes?

Priscilla is also kind enough to share discounts and even have contest giveaways for her readers to enter for some of her favorite products. In the past, she has had special offers for fun cupcake molds, children’s books and movies, and various household items.

Give It a Read!

Whether you like to take a break during your workday to read her latest post, or are just relaxing on the couch scrolling the internet, you’ll definitely want to bookmark It’s Peachy Keen! Check out Priscilla’s lifestyle blog now and be sure to follow her on social media to stay on top of all her latest content.

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