Signs to Replace Your Brake Pads

Signs to replace your brake padsIf you recently found yourself wondering, “how long do brake pads last?” the answer might not be as straightforward as you think. Two major factors that affect lifespan come down to your driving habits and local road conditions. Still, you ideally should plan to replace your brake pads every 40,000 – 60,000 miles.

At Faulkner Volkswagen Service Center, our team is dedicated to helping drivers throughout Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Harrisburg make the best decisions on their vehicle’s maintenance. To learn the warning signs for when you need to replace your brake pads, continue reading before scheduling an appointment.

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Brake Pads

It’s no understatement that your brakes are the single most important safety device on your vehicle. Knowing this, why wouldn’t you make it a point to have them regularly inspected for signs of wear or damage?

Brake Pad RepairPerhaps the easiest way to make sure your brakes remain in good working order is to have a certified technician inspect them every time you schedule an oil change. This can go a long way towards avoiding any unexpected repairs or worse – an accident.

You also should stay alert to any of the following signs:

  • Loud Squeaking. Deep inside your brake pads exists a small strip of metal. As your brake pads wear down, this strip will become exposed and emit a loud squeak whenever you press the brake pedal. This serves as a signal to replace your pads.
  • Grinding. If you hear metal scraping against metal, this means your brake pads are close to being or fully worn off. Immediately schedule a service appointment to have them replaced.
  • Vibrating Brake Pedal. If you notice your brake pedal throbs or bounces when attempting to stop, it could mean your brake pads aren’t fully gripping the rotor. This could either mean your rotors are warped or your pads need to be replaced.
  • Burning Metallic Scent. Usually accompanied with a grinding sound, this indicates your brakes are close to overheating due to friction. Immediately pull over to let them cool before heading to the nearest service center.
  • Indicator Light. Some newer models have brake pad sensors that trigger when your pads thickness falls below ¼ inch and will send a signal to your dash.

The Important of Checking Your Brake Pads

How Long Do Brakes LastKeeping close watch on your brake pads and working with a reliable service center is the best way to ensure that you and your family stay safe and happy on the road.

Delaying or ignoring not only can lead to unsafe driving conditions but puts increased pressure on other areas of your vehicle like the alignment, suspension, and even the engine.

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If you can’t remember the last time you had your brake pads inspected or you notice any of the signs we listed above, don’t ignore the issue. Instead, simply stop by or go online to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and experienced service pros.

Our team can quickly diagnose any issues you’re facing and have you back onto the roads of Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Harrisburg in no time!

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