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Are You Due for Your Next Volkswagen Four-Wheel Alignment in Mechanicsburg, PA?

Most people know they need to bring their car in for regular oil changes, brake inspections, and tune-ups. However, they’re not so clear on why a four-wheel alignment is just as important. Also known as an all-wheel alignment, a four-wheel alignment ensures your vehicle’s wheels travel the way they should over the roads you drive on. Whether you’re looking to schedule your first alignment or looking for the best four-wheel alignment in Mechanicsburg, in particular, we’ve got you covered at Faulkner Volkswagen Mechanicsburg.

What Is an All-Wheel Alignment?

When a car is fresh off the assembly line, all four of its wheels are correctly aligned, meaning they work efficiently together as a team to make full contact with the road underneath. Over time, your wheels will drift out of alignment as you steer clear of obstacles, drive over imperfections in the road, and experience the normal vibrations that come with everyday driving. An alignment corrects all of this by putting your wheels right again.

Why Should I Come in for a 4-Wheel Alignment?

Misaligned wheels can negatively affect your driving experience in several ways, so it often only takes one alignment to turn a particular driver into a believer. Improvements you’ll notice immediately include:

  • Improved fuel efficiency due to reduced strain on your engine
  • Tires that wear more evenly and last a lot longer
  • A more comfortable, straighter, smoother driving experience overall

You’ll also be maximizing the long-term life of your vehicle by reducing the amount of wear and tear it accumulates over time.

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How Often Do I Need a Volkswagen Four-Wheel Alignment?

Ideally speaking, you should bring your Volkswagen in for a routine alignment once every 12 months. However, you’ll also want to be aware of warning signs that you may need one ahead of schedule. They include:

  • Tires that are wearing unevenly for no discernible reason
  • A tendency for your car to pull to one side when you’re driving
  • A steering wheel that sits crooked, even when you’re moving straight ahead
  • Squealing, shrieking, or other noises when steering or turning

Accidents tend to throw even recently-aligned wheels out of whack, as well, so it’s strongly recommended that you visit a mechanic for an alignment check after any collision.

Four-Wheel Alignment

How Do I Choose the Right Mechanic to Perform My Alignment?

Wheel alignments are routine procedures, so you’ll find most mechanic shops perform them. However, Volkswagen drivers are strongly urged to have work done by certified Volkswagen technicians at manufacturer-approved facilities that use genuine OEM parts. If you’re in Carlisle, New Cumberland, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, or anywhere else in the Mechanicsburg, PA area, we’ll take impeccable care of you at Faulkner Volkswagen Mechanicsburg. Schedule your appointment today!


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