Oil Leaking From Car

Car is Leaking Oil

Engine oil is one of the most important fluids running through your vehicle. It plays a key role in keeping your engine in top shape. So, what’s going on when you notice oil leaking from your car?

Faulkner Volkswagen examines some of the common causes to help drivers in Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Harrisburg know when to see a technician.

What Causes Oil to Start Leaking?

When you see your vehicle leaking oil onto the pavement, it could be coming from a few different places. Some causes of oil leaks are simple and can be fixed as easily as tightening a cap or checking your levels. Others require a trained technician to do some repairs. Some of these common causes include:

Car is Leaking Oil

  • Excess Oil –Adding too much oil to your engine can result in the appearance of a leak. It’s a good idea to check your oil levels and see if what’s dripping from the bottom came from a crack or if it’s just your excess oil overflowing.
  • Clogged Oil Filter –The oil filter helps keep your oil clean by filtering out any debris kicked up for the road or small particles. Getting this part replaced is part of your routine maintenance. If the oil filter is old and clogged, it can cause your oil to get backed up. Without the ability to flow freely, it may start leaking just like excess oil would.
  • Damaged Gasket –All the parts of your engine block are held together by gaskets. These form a tight seal that keeps all the fluid and parts together and running properly. If a gasket has been damaged or the seal has been broken, you’re likely going to see oil leaking.
  • A Hole in the Oil Pan – The oil pan is underneath your car. During an oil change, a technician would raise your vehicle up and drain the oil pan. This part can get damaged if you’ve driven over rocky terrain. Any holes or scrapes can cause the oil pan to start leaking.
  • Loose Oil Drain Plug –If the leak seems to be coming from the oil pan, but there’s no noticeable damage, it may be the oil pan’s drain plug just isn’t tight enough.
  • Loose Oil Cap –While the drain plug is how old oil is removed from your car, the oil cap up top is where new oil is poured in. If this cap is damaged or not tight enough, you’ll probably see oil leaking.

Can I Drive with An Oil Leak?

Oil plays a significant role in making your engine run properly. It doubles as both a lubricant for your parts and cools them to prevent overheating. Since driving with old oil or not enough oil can cause problems with for your engine, it’s a good idea to get any leaks looked at by a technician as soon as possible.

Oil Service near Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Harrisburg

If you notice oil leaking from your car, schedule service online with Faulkner Volkswagen. We have a team of certified technicians in our service center who can patch up any leaks, repair any cracks or seals, and take care of all your regular oil changes.

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