Fill Your Cup at BCB Coffee

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Fill Your Cup at BCB Coffee

Do you know what BCB stands for, or will a sip of alluring coffee stir up the answer? We know the answer and can pour you a cup of tantalizing coffee to go along with it. Brew Crumberland’s Best fills the blanks of the BCB acronym and fills the cups of coffee cravers throughout the Cumberland Valley.

Best Brewers’ Background

Fill Your Cup at BCB CoffeeSibling brewing and baking team Laurel and Wade Weiser opened BCB in 2014. After graduating from the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, Colorado, Laurel honed her skills as a baker for Hilton Harrisburg and at The Hotel Hershey.

With her experience in the hotel industry, she felt ready to cement her own position as a coffee shop owner by providing a place where patrons can enjoy homemade pastries and locally roasted coffee. Very quickly, customers in the area flocked to BCB for their morning coffee and breakfast and to participate in local events.

Friendly and seasoned baristas serve their fare in a cozy atmosphere with an intoxicating aroma of coffee brewing. Customers can take advantage of free Wi-Fi or use their drive-thru line that makes up more than half their business.

Menu of Baked Goods and Brewed Drinks

Fill Your Cup at BCB CoffeeAlong with their line of specialty coffees including seasonal favorites, such as Peppermint Bark Mocha and Toffee Nut Chai, BCB offers up scones, coffee cake, muffins, brownies, and cookies. For breakfast, you may be interested in a locally fashioned bagel or bagel breakfast sandwich with all the trimmings.

Cumberland coffee drinkers cite the Caramello, akin to a caramel latte but laced with thick caramel sauce, or the Tea Latte, a creamy dream of steeped tea mixed with steamed milk. A range of flavors and coffee creations pepper their menu, including standard coffee orders or Espresso Milkshakes, suitable for any level of java drinker from rookie to veteran coffee slugger.

Past and Future Events

While they host local events from time to time, one of their most recent popular events was Luke’s Coffee Day. This milestone in television history marked the lauded return of “The Gilmore Girls” to TV. In 2017, they even welcomed actor Scott Patterson, Luke himself, to their shop for three acoustic guitar sessions to the delight of fans in the area.

Plans for more events and celebrations will come once they complete renovations at their New Cumberland location. They’ll also be changing their hours to accommodate their customers and developing a meeting space that outside vendors and organizations can rent for their own purposes—fueled by BCB coffee, of course!

Answer Your Coffee Calling at BCB Coffee

Now that you know what BCB stands for, you can answer your coffee calling at BCB Coffee for yourself. Order your coffee to go at the drive-through window or sit down and stay a while to recharge and refuel before heading back home or to the office. To find out the latest seasonal coffee or pastry on their menu and to watch for their latest events, be sure to like their Facebook page.

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